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Automatic Fishing Hook Tier Tool



*1. The shell is made of PC/ABS industrial plastic, which is strong and durable.

*2. Using a high-torque low-speed motor, the coils that know the error are tight, and the hooks tied are firmer.

*3. The appearance is novel and beautiful, powered by two 1.5V dry batteries, safe and reliable, and stable performance.

*4. Suitable for fishing lines of various hook types and sizes, with a wide range of applications.

*5. Suitable for slim Hooks. Easy to use Avoid fishing wire damaged by the hook. 



Material: PC/ABS

Color: white (as shown in the picture)

Size: Short handle 88*70*18mm, long handle 117*88*18mm

Weight: 61g/69g

Movement: imported movement

Power supply: two AAA batteries (not included)



*1. Please do not use it for purposes other than tying hooks;

*2. Please do not place it in a place with strong water vapor;

*3. This product is not waterproof, beware of getting wet to avoid rust and damage;

*4. Do not expose to the sun for a long time, please store it in a dry and cool place.


Trouble phenomenon and treatment:

Turning on the switch does not work: 1. Whether the positive and negative poles of the battery are reversed; 2. Foreign objects such as needles, sand, etc. have fallen into the gear, if any, take it out.

Suddenly stop during rotation: 1. Check the battery power and replace the battery; 2. The fishing line is rolled into the gear inside the machine and can be taken out.


Package Contents:

Binding device * 1



1. All pictures are professionally color-coded, but due to the difference in ambient light and display device settings, there may be some deviations between the pictures